Freeicons Pro

Choose annual billing and save 25%


  • 10 icons/month
  • 0 illustrations/month
  • Roll-over unused downloads


  • 10 icons download
  • 10 illustrations download
  • Roll-over unused downloads


  • 50 icons/month
  • 20 illustrations/month
  • Roll-over unused downloads


  • Unlimited icons/month*
  • Unlimited illustrations/month*
  • Roll-over unused downloads

    Communicable, presentable, and tailor made icons are provided in vector format that is catchy to the viewer's eye both in SVG and Al


    The icon ownership shall be legally given to you through a standardized contract license. It allows you to use icons for commercial purposes.


    All your unused icon downloads get carried forward to your upcoming subscription month, avoiding wastage of any kind.

  • Rights

    All the rights shall be owned exclusively by you and it can be used as per your requirement be it for personnel or commercial use

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to subscribe or can I opt for Pay as you go?

Both Subscription and Pay as you go option is available depending upon your requirement, you may either choose pay as you go and start with a minimum balance of $10 and start downloading the icons and continue by adding on credit as and when required or you may go for the subscription.

Can I change or cancel my Pro subscription plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Pro subscription plan at any time in your account settings. The upgrade will be effective right away, while the downgrade will become effective starting the next billing period. When you cancel your subscription, you can download icons until the last day of your paid subscription cycle. When subscription ends, you lose your rolled-over downloads and you no longer have access to download any premium icons.

What happens with my unused downloads?

The unused downloads from your subscription always gets carried forward to the next month.The ProMicro helps you to roll over 60 downloads and ProStarter helps you to roll over 300 downloads.

What is the difference between a Premium account and Free account ?

The free account member has limited access, and every time they download an icon they would have to attribute the icon designer. Premium members get unlimited royalty-free licenses(no need to worry about attribution). The premium account member has access to premium icons, unlimited icons and they also have access to download the icons as per their choice of color and styles.

Is automated renewal of subscription plan possible?

Yes, the automated renewal of a subscription plan happens automatically every month until you proceed to the plan page and cancel the subscription for the automatic renewal of your plan.

What our Premium users say about us

  • I was finding it difficult to break the language barrier, and that is when a friend of mine recommended freeicons. It not only helped me break my language barrier but also made communication smoother.

    Jeffrey Johnson
  • Using freeicons has assisted me in making my webpage self-explanatory without even adding text or additional information.

    Sarah Poulose
  • A splashy website is what I had been trying to create but the words were not of any assistance as such, this is where I heard about these amazing freeicons, and when I used it for my website it really did a wonderful job to my website.

    Aditya Dhingre
  • I was struggling to get more space in my web pages and freeicons is what helped me in doing so by adding the right icons into my page instead, I am really thankful to this team for helping me in taking a huge burden with such simplicity and ease

    Bibin, CEO DotFix