Ultimate Guide To Make Cute Icons For Your Website Photo by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash

Ultimate Guide To Make Cute Icons For Your Website

The cute designed Icons are more important than one can ever think. Their style and design become important and recognizable whatever kind of it is. They are the icons to represent the website on the web browser. The most accurate icon example of this is Google. The icon of Google representing “G” is for the big screens and the four different color text on it shows it recognizable wherever it is seen either in web browser address bar or at a full massive screen. The icons can be designed familiar with the logo to make it more recognizable even several custom software development houses can help to design icons for the company or brand. Such cute icons are also taken as the shortcut icons, bookmarks, tab icons, etc. so they need to be considered through every perspective while designing them.

So, here we are going to kick off the few guiding tips for making cute icons for your websites:

Design it identifiable

The first thing to be considered while designing the icon is, what needs to be visually presented in the canvas. Keep this in mind that the icon will only be visible or displayed to those users who are already using your website or have bookmarked it. So don’t think to attract the users through your icon.

Use Optical Grid

The icons should be designed based on the formats like a portrait rectangle, a landscape rectangle, a diagonal rectangle, a circle, a triangle, a square. All these visual sizes have equal weights and representations.

Cover every single details

It’s good to make the complex one icon initially. They can best describe the level of complexity and will help make the icons of the same visual weight. Such icons can provide more details to catch the more attention of the users as well as seems visually heavier.

Maintain minimum gap size

The perfect icons must avail of the minimum gap. The space between the elements should not be too small that they could overlap or merge throughout the set. Maintain minimum space to present the icon properly and to avoid contouring, sticking or sticking. If the line icons are being designed then the minimum distance should be equal to according to the thickness of the line. The lines should be properly either separated or accurately connected but never almost connected.

Exclude the repeating parts

Remove the repeating details from the icons. Try to grasp the attention of users on the important one details by removing the repetitions. It’s quite clear that the less you see the more you will understand. If the target user is already familiar with any icon recognizing any website or an app then there is no need to design or associate any new thing with it. Because people won’t think that you are producing something new.


Icon designing is not a critical branding component of any website. Instead, it offers several benefits like presenting your business just by the logo/icon when there is a lack of space, as well as it gives recognition to the website, business or brand in a symbol when there is a crowded browser window. This small icon source can become a recognition for you among the crowd of millions. So, always consider this tiny, cute attractive and amazingly powerful image full of privileges that can do wonders for you.

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