How to make money through icon selling

How to make money through icon selling?

Have you ever thought about selling your icons online?

Are you trying to find the best platforms or marketplaces for icon selling?

We would be more than happy to walk you through this.

Because our research team has gathered some of the best platforms for icon selling that too with great ease.

Note to Icon Creators/designers.

Some like creating icons for passion, but what if there was a way to trade the same and make money via selling those smart icons of yours online via icon selling sites, do you like the idea behind it?

Then stay tuned, and by the end of this article, you should be able to fixate on how and what you need to do, to ensure for progressive icon selling.


Freeicons: Upload and sell icons at a very fast rate

As a designer, it is great to be passionate about the creation and designing of the icons, but wouldn't it be even better, if you could sell the same directly to the customers and earn some good money from it? Let me quickly take you through a few pointers that will assist you in the best possible ways of selling them online and the things to remember whilst you try to do the same to get better results. Our research team has come up with a list of marketplaces that might be apt for selling your icons.

Let's begin with some “Honourable Mentions” of marketplaces for selling icons

Of all the icon selling sites, these are the honourable mentions that you can go about trying your luck:

Things to remember: (while icon selling)

How it works at Freeicons or what Freeicons can do for you:

Simple ways to try for icon selling:

Even better ways for icon selling:

Why we need to keep resellers (icon selling site) away from our icons:

What we need is:

We need to find a team that is passionate about this artwork of ours and who will be more than happy to discuss the challenges faced if any, by the designers, or by providing the essential tools that the designers may require to get a said work done or so.

The whole idea here is to create ample opportunity for the designers to go about selling their icons lavishly to the customers without any mediators between them.

Also, a platform for the customers to have bespoke icons as per their needs through our creative designers, who will be more than happy to assist our valuable customers with their requirements.

Your Role

When technology holds hand with image-based means of communication, it opens a new door to the creation of a social language that can be read by the whole world (a.k.a. Icons).

And you (designer) get to become a part of visual communication, which is not only incredible by itself but also creates a path to remove language barriers and deliver precise information effortlessly and with ease.

And you will be able to make some good money out of it by selling icons as well.