How icons increase user experience

How icons increase user experience?

Creativity makes space for itself everywhere, that's why creative web icons tend to improve the user experience when they are used on the web page, projects and apps.

What is an Icon?

Icons are more like a graphic image or symbol used to represent or denote a subject, project, app or even a website.

What is an Icon?

How icons increase user experience?

To understand it further, Let me share a simple e.g. here with you. We all happen to chat with friends, colleagues etc.., and when we wish to express a feeling of happiness, we use a smiling smiley, isn't it? Believe it or not, this will, in turn, bring a smile onto the face of the person at the other end. That is the impact of the smiley, it did convey a message of happiness that will be remembered by the person who you chatted with. Icons work more or less in the same way for personnel as well as professional use.

How icons increase user experience?

When it comes to user experience, let us imagine a user visiting a web page with just mundane writing, without any icons or images or graphics in it. It will only take seconds for the user to close it down or browse away from the page, because honestly, no one wishes to take time, read and understand a subject with an extra effort, instead everyone prefers to get a message understood clearly with ease and simplicity.

Below mentioned are a few pointers on how icon usage can enhance the user experience when used in web-pages, apps and projects.

Benefits of icons usage:

Why do we need to use icons for projects?

We can say that icons can be used not only to convey a message but also to simplify the message.

This is exactly what we require when we are trying to explain or submit a project to the team or team head because simplified messages or pointers via icons are way much easier to understand than mundane long sentences.

According to a recent study, it has been learnt that human minds are capable to take in the message that is defined or presented with images for a longer period, than messages conveyed with mere words. One more reason to use icons, I must say. Because this helps the message stay in the minds of a user for a longer period. what better way to think of to pass a message, other than with an icon.

How icons help in improving our projects

Whilst we are explaining or conveying a subject in our presentation for our project, icons can play a major role by simplifying the message/slide-show with the use of them. Find a few pointers that will surely ring a bell:


A project will be of perfection when you add good iconography to it because this will, in turn, increase the polish and finesse of the same. The project will also look interesting and give away a good vibe.