Frequently asked questions

  • Will my files be available for free

    When uploading your icons you have the choice to select the license. Your choice depends on how you want people to use your icons.

  • How can i increase my earnings

    The more icons you upload, the more you earn! Your payments will be on a pay per download basis. Each download you will get your payment.

  • How is the payment per download calculated?

    At the end of each day, we would calculate our total earnings of the day and total amount of downloads then we calculate the "per diem" download amount. You will get money for your every downloads.

  • How many icons do I need to upload to become a contributor?

    We accept one icon per file, SVG format and minimum 6 icons per set.

  • What happens after you submit your icons?

    After you submit your icons, our moderation and curation team takes over to make sure they:

    • 1, Meet our technical and design standards
    • 2, Have proper titles
    • 3, Use appropriate search words
  • How to make your icons more searchable on freeicons?

    Search words are words that relate to an individual icon. They allow users to find it without just searching for its name. You must use exactly 5 search words.

    • 1, Use English
    • 2, Use related words
    • 3, Use 5 search words

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